The “SKUADRIX 235” single-wire performs squaring and cutting of slabs on blocks of marble, granite and stones.
Use a diamond wire pulled by two large flywheels to maximize durability and performance.
The structure consists of two uprights and an upper connec-ting cross-piece, built in metallic carpentry.

The up/down movement is managed by a hydraulic cylinder where the flywheel trolleys are connected by means
of steel ropes. This system allows an absolute speed of approach and removal from the cutting point, without having to continuosly oil the classic screws with nuts.
The flywheel is driven by the classic belt / pulley system connected to the motor, which in turn can be operated by an inverter to adjust the wire speed.
The neutral flywheel is mounted on a movable support which is slides on recirculating ball bearings. This support is connected to a hydraulic cylinder that allows constant tensioning of the wire during sawing.

The “SKUADRIX 235” is equipped with a fixed or rotary trolley and all the protections according to CE standards. The machine is supplied with CE certifications and documentation of use, maintenance and spare parts.
The single-wire Skuadrix 235 are completely produced and assembled in Italy.

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