The KARRO trolleys are built with thick steel profiles, completely welded and finished by hand, so they are able to transport blocks in marble and granite up to a weight of 60 tons. They move on 4 wheels (2 flat and 2 prismatic) directly motorized, avoiding the use of gears.

The transmission/rotation greasing system is centralized in a single point to speed up periodic maintenance.

The KARRO line is distinguished in two versions:

  • KARRO TRE60: the self-locking rotating trolley. This type of machine allows to completely automate the squaring and cutting operations of the blocks. Thanks to the hydraulic pistons, the revolving platform can be stopped at any cutting angle.
  • KARRO ZERO: is the line of fixed trolleys.

The trolleys can be customized as regards the overall dimensions and the wheel center distance. The machine is complete with CE certification and documentation for use and maintenance.

The trolleys KARRO are completely produced and assembled in Italy.

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